The Best Cardio Workout For FAT LOSS!

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What’s going on guys! In today’s video, I’m going to show you the BEST cardio workout for fat loss. This workout is great for anyone looking to burn lose weight, reduce stomach fat, or get absolutely shredded.

Following this routine style will make your cardio routine only 10-15 minutes max and burn more calories than standard steady state ever could!

For this workout we’re going to need a treadmill and a bike, and we’ll be doing 5 rounds on each.

👇 Exercise 1 – Treadmil 👇
🚀 20 Second MAX Intensity
⏰ Rest 20 Seconds
🔥 Repeat 5 Rounds

👇 Exercise 2 – Bike 👇
🚀 30 Second MAX Intensity
⏰ Slow Pace for 30 Seconds
🔥 Repeat 5 Rounds

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The Best Cardio Workout For FAT LOSS!

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