Home Fat Loss Workout 1 – No Equipment Home Weight Loss Workout


Want to burn fat at home with little or no equipment?

This is workout number 1 of the Nick Hall Body Transformations home weight loss workout series. This intense, fat burning home workout requires no equipment, only your own body weight.

You can combine this Home Weight Loss Workout with any of our other workouts in this series.

Have you tried dieting or weight loss before and failed? Are you time poor and don’t have hours of spare time in the week to spend exercising or preparing meals. Sick of reading and hearing all the conflicting information on weight loss and exercise?

Nick Hall Body Transformations has developed a 12 week online nutrition and weight loss program designed specifically for those that are short on time and want a structured weight loss system to follow at an affordable price.

Our Nutrition for Weight Loss e-book outlines exactly what foods to eliminate and include in your diet without counting calories, following a restrictive diet and most importantly depriving yourself of your favourite foods. You’ll learn what foods have the biggest influence on your ability to store and lose fat.

Recipe e-book: Create hassle free, fast, amazing dishes containing all the nutrients you need to fuel fat loss. These meals are inexpensive, make multiple servings and are designed to make it easier to include healthy recipes for weight loss into your weekly schedule.

Exercise e-book: Regardless of your fitness level we’ve developed time efficient workouts that can be completed at home, outdoors, with or without equipment or at the gym. The exercise routines are designed to illicit the biggest fat burning response in the shortest amount of time. Results can be achieved with as little as 2 hours exercise per week. No gym membership required

Additional benefits: You’ll also receive our success diary and weekly emails which provide you reminders and goals to keep you motivated and on track. You’ll also have access to our members only FAQ, unlimited email support plus online articles and presentations.

What to Expect? Results for each person are different depending on their weight loss goals. A number of clients have achieved a 3-4kg weight loss within the first four weeks.


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