Here is another belly fat workout that ensures results in 21 days!

Today’s workout involves the best and the most effective exercises that you can do to reduce belly fat!

This workout is designed to be performed on a daily basis to see the results so make sure you workout everyday for the NEXT 3 WEEKS. Make room for some quick workout session before you go to work or once you come home–either way is fine but remember to focus on your weight goals and be really disciplined if you want to see the results!

This video exercise is super convenient and really easy to do so beginners can try this workout, too! Just prepare a space for you to exercise, hit play, and kick start your weight loss journey today.

Good luck and let’s begin the workout!❤️💪

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00:00 Side Bends
00:30 Torso Twists
00:59 Knee Tuck Crunch
01:50 Rest
02:17 Reverse Crunches
02:52 Rest
03:24 Toe Tap Leg Lifts
03:50 Rest
04:32 Waist Pinchers Right
05:09 Waist Pinchers Left
05:46 Rest
06:28 Jumping Jacks
07:09 Rest
07:41 Reverse Crunch Extension
08:19 Rest
09:01 Side Leg Raise Left
09:46 Side Leg Raise Right
10:32 Rest
11:29 Knee Tuck Crunch
12:20 Rest
12:47 Reverse Crunches
13:21 Rest
13:53 Toe Tap Leg Lifts
14:20 Rest
15:02 Waist Pinchers Right
15:39 Waist Pinchers Left
16:16 Rest
16:58 Jumping Jacks
17:38 Rest
18:10 Reverse Crunch Extension
18:49 Rest
19:31 Side Leg Raise Left
20:16 Side Leg Raise Right
21:02 Rest
22:03 Knee Tuck Crunch
22:54 Rest
23:21 Reverse Crunches
23:55 Rest
24:27 Toe Tap Leg Lifts
24:54 Rest
25:36 Waist Pinchers Right
26:13 Waist Pinchers Left
26:49 Rest
27:31 Jumping Jacks
28:12 Rest
28:44 Reverse Crunch Extension
29:22 Rest
30:04 Side Leg Raise Left
30:50 Side Leg Raise Right

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