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We lose by doing diet only and also by doing diet and exercise combined, then which one is good for our health doing the diet, exercise or only diet,
My opinion is doing diet and exercise is correct because
If we do the only diet then we reduce our calorie intake, then the remaining calories are taken from either fat or muscle,
If it takes them from fat it’s good for our health if it takes them from muscle then the problem begins
In another case, if we do diet and exercise combined then our muscles get fatigued so they take calories from our food, if it requires more calories then it takes them from fat then we lose fat, that means if we exercise we lose only fat, not muscle, that’s the reason why I choose diet plus exercise
These all ok but what exercises are good for weight loss that is what we discuss in this video

What’s in the video
00:00 Intro
03:02 Walking
04:56 Jor or Run
06:36 Cycling
08:18 Strength Training
11:40 Swimming
13:03 Interval training
15:33 Yoga

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