Low impact – Bad Knees Workout for Burning Fat (chair exercises!)

Today, you’re gonna learn two amazing exercises that will help you lose weight… even with bad knees!

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These particular exercises are important to me because I have personally battled with 4 major knee surgeries. I had one surgery on my left knee after getting hit by a car while riding my bike, and three surgeries on my right knee after a gymnastics accident. And… from this experience, I have learned some helpful exercises that I’m excited to share with you today.

First, I’ll give you some info and exercise tips about knee pain, and then show you two exercises: burpees and one leg drinking birds that are specifically designed with easy variations to help you lose weight, without putting too much pressure on your knees. And don’t worry… If you’ve been in the exercise world for a while, the word burpees may scare you a bit. But… I promise, this is the easiest burpee you’ll ever do, and anyone can do it even if you have bad knees! So… go grab a chair and lets get started…

The exercises in this video are:
Burpee Walkouts On a Chair
One Leg Drinking Birds With a Chair

0:00 Intro
2:21 Tips About Working Out with Bad Knees
3:39 Burpee Walkout On a Chair : How to Have Perfect Form
5:22 Burpee Walkout On the Ground : How to Have Perfect Form
7:01 One Leg Drinking Birds With a Chair : How to Have Perfect Form
11:29 Workout Routine Introduction
12:21 Connect with Warrior Made

Please be sure to do these exercises for only as long as you don’t experience pain. You should consult your personal physician before performing any regular exercise plan.

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